About devdev


Is developing professional developers. A working group with IITPSA (SA professional body for IT professionals).

devdev’s primary goal is making it easier to employ and be employed in this profession.

Audience Professional software developers
Local history We were going to create new pro body, IITPSA perform this function, MOU signed to engage coders
Supporting bodies IITPSA, WesGro, Afrolabs



devdev is a working group with the IITPSA to achieve our objectives by working with their professional body.

First objectives:

  1. defining scarce skill of software development, clarifying the “rungs on the ladder” of professional development:
    • simplifies hiring processes,
    • assists immigration, and
    • sets the bar for training programmes
  2. implement CPD points to encourage engagement of professionals:
    • in conferences and community events
    • in training courses
    • especially for mentoring
  3. Recognise online courses & MooCs

Coder:LevelUp have joined forces with the IITPSA under an open MOU to help them make their professional offering engaging to coders at all stages of professional development. This partnership has replaced our previous goal of creating our own professional body, neatly removing duplication.

Partner Engagement

Having established devdev, we are proceeding to engage with partner organisations to grow a representative working group.

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