Super Powers

Coding is a super-power.

Coder LevelUp is helping fellow Africans learn this super-power.

Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Coder Levelup is on a mission to be part of the change that sees 500 000 coders (digital makers) working in the Western Cape.


Find and run super scalable programs for the growth and development of coders (and potential coders) throughout their lifetime from before “Hello, world!” to retired guru, from age seven to a hundred and seventy.

Specifically, we work across:

  • kids: CoderDojo and Code Club in partnership with the Raspberry Pi Foundation
  • pros: devdev is a working group with the IITPSA growing a relevant pro body for developers; code retreats are a space for intentional practice
  • start-ups: lean iterator and lean(startup)coffee support early-stage tech startups taking the next steps to success.


  • 2012 First CoderDojo @ afrolabs
  • 2012 First Code Retreat @ afrolabs
  • 2015 First Lean(StartUp)Coffee @ truth
  • 2016 Lean iterator programs kick off at GSB, Orbis, Stadard Bank.
  • 2018 incorporation as LevelUp NPC allow us to better organise and collaborate with other orgs for our activities across kids, pros and startups.
  • 2019 CoderDojo Growth Partnership
  • 2020 IITPSA MOU to formalise the devdev working group.
  • 2020 First Coolest Projects South Africa
  • 2023 Raspberry Pi Foundation funded programme to grow Code Clubs in the Western Cape.
  • …2048 BHAG: Community of 500 000 coders in the Western Cape


LevelUp NPC, 2018/401659/08 incorporated in July 2018.

Directors: Roger Norton, Natalie Milne & David Campey.