48 Hour Truly Global Day of CodeRetreat 2022

Developers from around the world gathered online for the 48 hours of the “day” of CodeRetreat in our virtual space-station.

What is Code Retreat

A coderetreat is a day of deliberate practice, far away of the pressure of getting things done. A space for you to try out Simple Design, Pairing, Test-Driven-Development, Ensemble dev and other practices.

The initiative was led by #MobRetreat co-creator Bob Allen, and took the global perspective that “Saturday” is technically 48 hours long, providing the impetus for a retreat spanning all the hours of Saturday.

This fitted well with Bob’s vision of a global, continuous “fluid mob”, which combined with the coderetreat format and ethos to create a great experience for all.

This year we used the gather.town space station for the second time, and were joined by facilitators and participants around the world, around the clock. With co-sponsorship from Gather Inc, Coder:LevelUp was in the position sponsored the gather.town space, if you’d like to donate to help recover these costs, and make future events possible: https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/levelup-fundraiser

See you next year!



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