Volunteers needed at coding clubs

Helping young people develop new skills and explore their creativity is very rewarding. Also, it’s a lot of fun!

Code Club & CoderDojo are free volunteer-led coding clubs for young people that are always looking for volunteers!

We need your help!

You could become a mentor and help young people learn to code. To help beginners, you don’t even need technical skills!

You could also help with setting up the space and recording attendance for the club sessions. You could help a club run its social media presence or website!

Venues in Western Cape

Code Club has been growing in schools thanks to the efforts of Anelisa together with WCED and SADTU and we now (May 2024) have 90+ school clubs and 4 community Coderdojos in the Western Cape.

If you’re curious to see if there is already a club near you, you can check out:

Even more venues coming soon:

  • Schools: Our Region has has 1500 schools, 97% with computer rooms with internet, and we’ve partnering with WCED to train teachers to start clubs, so more schools coming soon.
  • Libraries: we’re piloting CoderDojo in the Library with Cape Town City Libraries identifying an initial 5-10 libraries, which means any of the 104 (yep!) libraries in the city will be potential pilots, and ultimately we’d like to see them all running.


As we’re growing, and venues are opening up to be willing to host or starting clubs more volunteers are needed. More volunteers at clubs help get a better outcome for young people across the network.

We’re here to help you be a great volunteer, whether you’re a coder, an educator, a parent or anything in-between.

More info on volunteering:

Training for 1st time volunteers:

Training for mentoring (helping young people with code):

Plus there’ll be lots of friendly fellow mentors and teachers along on the journey.

If you want to volunteer, (or start a club at your school, or donate, or anything else you can imagine to help), please fill in this Coder:Levelup Volunteer details form or mail volunteer@coderlevelup.org.



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