About Code Club

Code clubs are school-based extra-mural clubs for young people, practicing coding from first steps through projects in the project pathway.

Code Club provides the resources and support to help teachers start successful coding clubs.

Coder:LevelUp is the Western Cape regional growth partner for the Code Club (and CoderDojo) in a programme sponsored by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. We are helping to train teachers, find volunteers and provide hardware for electronics projects.

Our 2023/2024 goal is 150 new coding clubs across the 1700+ Western Cape schools, with at least 60% from quintile 1-3 schools.

If you want to start a club at your school, or volunteer, or donate, or anything ewlse you can imaghine to help, please connect with our Western Cape Clubs Growth programme manager Anelisa on this CoderDojo & codeclub info group on WhatsApp.

Audience 9-13 year olds
Global status 180 000 people learning to code each week in 13,000 clubs around the world
Local status 80 clubs registered organically over the years, programme of growth in 2023, WC (led by Coder:LevelUp) and KZN (led by Blue Roof)
Support from ORT Robotics, Raspberry Pi Foundation
Key people Anelisa Masebe (WC Programme Manager), David Campey (founder), + teachers and mentors


Lover of technology & humanity and getting them working together.

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